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Projects and Progress

Well, we’ve been at our new place for a year. It’s been a whirlwind of projects and hard work and it’s coming along. The photo above is from my garden. I'm in love with Zinias!

On the homefront

I finally put my stuff into my craft/office desk and I absolutely LOVE it. I was able to unpack many of the boxes that were in the closet. I still have a few, but I’m working on it. I bought all the parts at IKEA and it is super functional.

The downside of IKEA of course is putting it together but it was worth it. I installed ledger boards to hold up the cube unit above my desk. My husband helped me lift the shelving unit up onto the ledger boards and anchor it to the wall.

The middle drawer unit is on wheels and I made an ironing board to top it. It's super convenient. I just roll it out and have a space to iron. It was an easy little project. I purchased a board from Lowe's and covered it with batting and some fabric. It's just stapled on the back side.

I’ve ordered my replacement sewing cabinet which the movers destroyed. It took forever for the insurance company to finalize the claim, but my cabinet is on order and I should have it in a few weeks.

My garden is growing like crazy and we have plans to clear an additional 75 x 150 feet. I think I’ve found my true calling. Along with digitizing embroidery designs, weaving, spinning and quilting. The cattle panel arbor is my favorite part of the garden. On the right side of the arbor are Kentucky Wonder green/snap beans. I should be harvesting in another 10 days. Blew our Aussie is such a good boy and knows he's not allowed in the garden.

And, the most exciting news in my life is that my husband has taken over cooking. And OMG, he is a wonderful cook. Who knew? I’m loving it since I’ve never been much into cooking. When I was single, I would cook on Sunday and eat leftovers of the same thing all week. So, this new arrangement is totally working for me. He says he'll provide recipes for my blog if anyone is interested :)

Sewing Project

We’ve been reorganizing our kitchen and I decided to do something new on the coffee bar. I’ve always had a big espresso machine – yeah, I’m a coffee snob. I hate having things out on the counters, but the coffee machine and things we use every morning for coffee get special dispensation. So, I found a cool little black wood tray that is very simple. I like having a towel or something on the coffee bar for utility, but don’t like the look.

So, I decided to make a little liner for the box from one of my favorite brands of flour sack towels. I've talked about these before. They are Aunt Martha's and I buy them by the case.

I created a simple coffee design for the center and then just sandwiched the flour sack towel fabric with a terry cloth towel inside. Kind of like a mini slurpy quilt. It fits perfectly in the little tray, is washable and I can enjoy it every morning.

This is your free design this month. I hope you find something useful and creative for this design.

So I’m truly living the “good life”. I spend early mornings working on designs. I have coffee in my garden and plan what I’ll do that day. I harvest mid morning and have amazing lunches and dinners cooked for me.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure I need one of these:

My husband doesn't agree...


Hope y'all have a joyful June.

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