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Updated: Apr 1

We are on our annual RV trip. So we are living in our slightly elderly class A named Homer. Yes, I know it’s a silly name, but “There is no place like Homer”. He is a 2004 Fleetwood and we love him.

Internet is always difficult because we like to get off the freeways and take smaller roads and stay off the beaten path. This year, I have a booster which has definitely helped.

We made a list of silly things to do this year and it’s been great fun.

We played putt putt golf for the first time since we were both about 16.

We saw the largest roll of toilet paper – seemed appropriate this year.

We visited the baseball field used in the movie Field of Dreams. It was actually really cool and I highly recommend it if you are ever driving through Iowa.

We visited family in Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. They call themselves yoopers. The scenery was stunning. It reminded us of the Pacific Northwest, although the trees are not as tall. Our Aussie, Blew, swam in three of the Great Lakes.

While there, we visited Mackinac Island. It’s been on my list for forever and it did not disappoint. We had mimosas on the "porch".

We drove Hwy 2 through Minnesota and Blew got to play Bubbles. In North Dakota we visited with another cousin and then we dropped down into Wyoming.

Bentley the cat takes it all in stride.

We are currently in Southern Colorado and slowly working our way back to Texas Hill Country.

I can’t wait to see my garden again and start clearing the new ½ acre area and building beds. My cousin has been checking on it weekly and harvesting.

This months Design

This month’s free design is a fly fishing motif monogram frame. It fits in a 4x4 (100mm) hoop.

Well, I guess that about wraps up July. What a whirlwind of a month. Thank you so much for coming along on this journey with me.

I hope you enjoy this month’s design and make something special for someone special!

Hoping your August is AWESOME!

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