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No time for a Blog

Ok, so here’s the truth. I don’t have time to write a blog this month.

I have been working on my garden spot and we have the garden beds built and filled. We created two cattle panel trellises, which are strong enough to support large squash and cantaloupe. I planted onions, garlic, shallots and asparagus. The onions, shallots and garlic are growing like crazy.

I’m also hay/straw bale gardening because we have very little topsoil, although what we have is amazingly dark and rich. This way I get to grow and create lovely compost. I’ve got cabbage, leeks and kale going for the winter.

My three big compost bins that are made of agriculture wire and about 4 feet in diameter have been turned and I’ve added oxygenation tubes. These are just pvc pipes with holes drilled. They are set in the center of the bin to provide oxygen to the microbes.

In the greenhouse, I have Jack beans from South America, tomatoes, turmeric, broccoli, parsley, and chives. I actually had a fresh tomato yesterday!

I got all of the butternut squash harvested, packed in shavings and boxed to use it over the winter. I’ve given so much away, but we still have about 60!

Turns out I totally have a green thumb. So that’s about it for outside activities.

Inside is just as crazy.

On my 16-harness table loom, I’m working on a 9-yard warp of kitchen towels for Christmas presents. They are coming along.

On my 8-harness floor loom, I’m working on a shawl done in a fine merino wool. It’s a new pattern that I’ve never tried to weave before.

On the tablet loom, I just finished a yoga strap and am warping up for a pet collar.

I finished my fabric pumpkins and created a table centerpiece just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. And, yes, the stems are from my butternut squash!

My husband and I hosted Thanksgiving and it was lots of work, but so rewarding.

I made a savory butternut squash soup from our homegrown squash and it was delicious.

Oh, and I’m off to Vegas to meet a girlfriend in a couple of days. We’re taking a glass blowing class!

So, I’m afraid I just don’t have time to write a blog this month. But I do have a free design for you. It's a little honey bee:)

Have a wonderful winter holiday!

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