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Updated: Apr 1, 2021

This month I’d like to talk about something completely unrelated to embroidery.

I want to talk about generosity. I try to be generous whenever I can by resizing designs for people to fit their special project and combining them for people without editing software, or any other things I can do fairly easily that people can’t do.

Each and every time that I go out of my way to help someone with their project, it comes back to me many times over. I’ve always been one of those people that thinks kindness breeds kindness and I see it tangibly all the time.

Yesterday, someone asked if there was any way I could resize one of my wreath designs to 10x10 inches. She has a friend with a commercial machine that will embroider it along with an initial on chair covers for her. I said “Sure, I can do that for you and I can put the initial in also and get everything centered and send you a composite design to have your friend use.” She was very appreciative and I put it together for her which really only took me about 20 minutes and emailed it to her.

This morning, I received an email from her thanking me and letting me know that it would be a while before her chair covers would be embroidered. Her friend with the embroidery machine is making 500 cloth face masks to help out the local hospital to save the medical grade masks for the doctors and nurses and emergency personnel that really need them.

I thought, “wow! There are so many really kind and generous people.” And lucky me, I get to see some of it.

I live in a small rural community and I do see kindness all the time, but sometimes people really shine. The last week has been one of those times here in Burnet Texas. People are offering to shop for neighbors, help with farm chores, share necessities, and all sorts of things that shows what a wonderful community I live in.

I think most of us live in wonderful communities. Sometimes it’s nice to take a minute to appreciate how kind people are capable of being. And, if I have an opportunity to do something nice, I will always try to take it.

I hope y’all are embroidering up a storm. This month, I have a complete monogram border and stacked alphabet for you. Hoping to help you make something special for someone special.

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