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Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Our view!
Mt Shasta California

This month’s blog is a bit more personal. We are on an extended RV trip visiting family and enjoying some of the amazing places in the west.

We bought a motorhome last year and took several “practice trips” in preparation for this extended RV trip. I’m from Portland OR and my husband is from Seattle WA. The first part of this trip is visiting family and friends up the west coast.

We have our 6-month-old Aussie (Blew) and our 3-year-old Siamese (Bentley) with us. They are amazingly easy to live with in this small space. I actually think they prefer it to the house.

In Northern Arizona, we stayed at an amazing state park with huge trees, typical Arizona blue skies and lots of great hiking.

In Southern California, after crossing the Mojave during the day, we stopped one night without any hookups. It was 105 degrees outside and even with the generator running, we just couldn’t get the inside temperature below 94! Needless to say, none of us got much sleep. The next morning, we realized that our A/C circuit breaker had popped and only one A/C unit was working. Travel and learn!

In Northern California we stayed with family. They have a swimming pool and Blew spent every minute in the pool. Turns out our little Aussie is a water dog.

We spent 3 days near Mt Shasta (this month’s photo). The weather was glorious and the mountain was beautiful. Our refrigerator stopped working on propane and we had a freezer full of food. After removing a mud dobber nest and cleaning the orifice, we were back in business. Guess we need to add a screen to the refrigerator vent at home.

We stayed at a Harvest Host in Southern Oregon, we were between the vineyard and the Umpqua river. The owners of the vineyard were totally amazing and the wines were wonderful. Blew loved the river of course.

In Portland Oregon, we parked in my sister and brother in law’s driveway. We have our own space, but get to spend lots of time with our family. It’s kind of like being neighbors.

Washington is also full of family, including a granddaughter and grandson. Our five-year-old granddaughter was very excited to go camping with Grammy and Grampy. Of course, we were in her parent’s driveway. But at 5, it’s quite an adventure. She learned how to use the toilet, which she thought was pretty cool. We watched a movie and made up a bed for her. After getting in pjs and brushing teeth, we tucked her in at 9pm. We looked at each other and realized that we had to go to bed too.

We have more friends and family we will see before we leave the pacific northwest. But then we will slowly meander back to Texas spending time in all the states in between.

This month’s design is a mountainscape name frame.

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