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Holiday Table

Updated: Apr 1

This year I’m feeling fortunate that my “best cousin” lives really close and will be coming to my house for Thanksgiving dinner. I must admit that she is much more the “cook” than I am, but turkey dinner is one of my favorite meals to make. She and I will do a combined meal, but it will be at my house! So, I’m starting to think about my Thanksgiving table and how I will make it special.

Although I don’t absolutely love to cook, I do absolutely love a beautiful table. Each and every item on the table is important to me and so I tend to spend my efforts before the meal day creating my table setting. I use very plain white dishes because I can use them in any table setting and just change it up with my table linens and decorations.

Since I’ve moved to the country and my house is kind of minimalist country ranch, this year I’ll do my table in natural, undyed rustic linen. I want something that has a harvest theme but still simple. I’ve come up with a pretty simple harvest style pumpkin design that is not heavily embroidered. This will go at each end of my table runner and on my napkins. All will be in soft linen. I used sketch stitch for the pumpkin outline rather than fill stitch because it has some texture but is still super soft and subtle.

Sometimes I go totally crazy and do kitchen towels and napkin rings too. We’ll see how much time and energy I have. I’ll also do a couple of 3D stuffed pumpkins to go on the table in the same linen. One of the things I’m rather excited about this year is I have butternut squash from my garden, so that’s definitely on the menu.

I know this is a bit of a ramble, but I’m sharing my Thanksgiving linen design with y’all this month. (Now that I’m a Texan, I try to use y’all whenever possible).

I hope you like it and whatever you do for your Thanksgiving table this year, have fun with it!

PS: I’ll add a photo of my final table setting once I have all my items made.

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