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Fall Garden, Holiday Gifts, Quilting again

My Garden

I’m still harvesting from my garden but the big summer jungle is definitely done. I’ve pruned and pruned and taken some things out completely. The garden still looks wonderful, but doesn’t have that summer wildness that I must admit, I really love.

Our really hot weather is mostly gone and so my big heirloom tomatoes are starting to set fruit again. We have a big slowdown in tomatoes from mid July until mid September. The peppers both sweet and hot are doing great and I’m amazed at the consistent harvest. I’ve made several of the really hot ones into chili powder and have been making jalapeno poppers like crazy. I’m also still harvesting zucchini and yellow squash and I think I have harvested 60 butternut squash so far and the vines are still loaded.

I have seeds started for my fall garden. I really do love baby plants. I have about 180 little seedlings that will be ready to go in the ground as soon as the daytime temperatures drop a bit more.

Fall gardens in hill country are very productive because we don’t get severe weather and it’s so sunny.

We have finished the first of (I hope) many raised beds in the big garden.

We decided to go with 48 inches wide and 60 feet long. They are 18 inches tall and made from 2x4's and metal roofing. In this photo, you can see that we have logs and wood chips in the lower half. They will be topped with about 10 inches of compost.

Holidays are coming

I’m starting to work on my holiday gifts.

This year I tried growing luffa and they are really fun. I believe I have enough luffas to last years. I’m planning on making soap this week to be ready for Christmas and I’ll have a nice homemade gift of soap and a luffa. I’ve always wanted to make soap.

I also have kitchen towels to weave using a new structure that I've never done before. But I'll start that soon.

The main image in my blog is also a holiday gift for this year. One of my sisters loves monograms, so I’ve designed a special fancy embroidery monogram for her. I’ve finished monogramming a set of napkins for her in her favorite colors. I really enjoyed creating the monogram and am thinking about offering these as single letter designs in several sizes. These are time consuming so I will likely offer the letters as I get them done.

Quilting again

I just got a quilt back from the quilter.

I’ve had a longarm machine for years and did all my own quilts. But, I knew I wouldn’t have room for it in this house, so I sold it. I thought I had quilted all the tops I had finished, but found one in a box when I was unpacking my sewing room. It was strange to pick up my quilt and all I have left to do is the binding. I think I like this.

I’m actually starting a new quilt after a couple year break. My aunt and I have picked out a base block type and we are each making a quilt using the block type, but of course we’ll use different fabrics and different layouts. This should be fun. I like very modern quilts and she likes very traditional quilts.

When we’re both done, I’ll try to post photos of both of them.

Well, I think that’s about it for September. It’s been a lovely month in the garden and the weather here is absolutely glorious.

This month’s design is a little fall border that you can use as a single design or multi-hoop it to create a long border for kitchen towels or placemats or whatever you dream up. I hope you enjoy it.

Have an outstanding October!

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