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A quick Quilt Project

Updated: Apr 1, 2021


This month, I thought I’d share a quick little quilt project I completed.

I created some fancy rooster embroidery quilt blocks and since I needed to do a test sew, I decided to use my sew samples in a quilt.

It’s really a simple pattern that I just made up on the fly and the whole quilt went together in just a couple of hours of sewing.

The individual rooster squares were done on the embroidery machine.

I started by hooping a light cutaway stabilizer and laying down light batting. I used some painters tape to keep it flat.

After stitching, I cut it just like applique’.

I used the simple technique of folding the 9.5 x 9.5 square into fourths to get the center. I do have a camera on my machine, so rather than using the little grids that come with hoops, I use the camera to move the fabric until my cross is in the center.

After a tack-down stitch that is 4 mm larger than the batting stitching comes the rooster and then the stippling. I did the stipple in white to match the fabric so that it wouldn’t take away the focus from the roosters.

Then, just unhoop and trim away the stabilizer and use it as a normal quilt square.

I used scraps to make this quilt since it didn’t take much of any one fabric. I had some fabric with chilli peppers and it kind of ended up in Christmas colors.

My Garden

My garden is still my favorite place to spend time. It’s definitely waning with cooler nights and I know that a killing frost is only weeks away. But in the mean time, I have so many large tomatoes on the vines. I’m hoping they ripen before the frost, but if not, I’ll harvest everything that is full grown just before the frost and let them ripen in the house.

I’ve started converting the greenhouse for winter growing. Basically I just fill it with large grow bags and plant in them. I’ve also dug up my smallest tomato plant and I’ll overwinter that in the greenhouse. I did this last year and had a few fresh tomatoes in the winter.

I’m also busy collecting seeds which for some reason I really love. It’s not much work and it’s kind of like paying it forward to next year.

The Big Garden bed is completed and I’ve planted garlic, shallots and onions in it. I’m hesitant to put Kale, broccoli and other cold weather crops because we don’t have it fenced yet. But I think the alliums are safe from critters.

The plan is to get at least one more done before spring planting.

This month’s design is a little old truck hauling a tree. It fits in a 4x4 hoop. I hope you enjoy it.

Hope your November is lovely.

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