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Feathering my New NEST

My husband and I recently moved to the country near Burnet Texas. We are on 5 acres with big plans for perma-culture gardening. I had all these great plans of getting all the decorating done in the first 6 months. Think again.

As some of you may know, Texas hill country has feral pigs. We are surrounded by miles of open range land and we have seen pigs on our property a few times. The babies are really cute. Now I'm pretty live and let live but I draw the line at "patio pigs". They were coming right up on the patio at night and even getting up on the patio furniture. I guess even pigs like a nice cozy place to hang out. So our fence became a top priority before our patio pigs got too comfy. Oh and did I mention that under the beautiful dark topsoil, it's pretty much all rock. So digging fence posts involved renting a skid loader with a rock drill. Okay, that was actually pretty fun. So a week to get fence posts in and then we had to build "H" braces and stretch wire and hang gates. But, we now have a fence and no more patio pigs. So I'm starting to do some of the inside things.

This weekend, I tackled re-purposing a brown ottoman that is a great piece of furniture, but did I mention, it's brown? Our TV room is white, grey and beige. But this ottoman is perfect, other than the fabric. So I made a slipcover for it to match the sofa. I wanted something modern and minimal so I created a simple clean embroidery design of crossed arrows and compass points. I used a wheat colored thread to tie in the rug. My embroidery design is 14 inches x 14 inches on an ottoman that is 27 x 39 inches. I used 7 oz white twill upholstery fabric that I pre-washed and dried to make it easy to launder in the future. I'm super happy with how it turned out. I think this design would also be great on pillows.

The design I created for my ottoman is free this month. I've included multiple sizes from 4 inches to 10 inches, so you can make your own modern minimalist item.

Happy Sewing!


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