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I’m a Texan!

After years of planning, we have finally moved to Texas Hill Country - and we got a dog!

This is Blew, a 10 week old blue merle Australian Shepherd. Bentley the cat is pretty sure that he's just temporary. Each time we return to the house with Blew, he gives us the "I can't believe that you brought that thing back" look. But they are starting to socialize a little.

The move from Albuquerque took a bit of time. We waited 14 days for the movers to deliver our stuff. We've been kind of camped out at our new house. We're not fully unpacked, but we're getting there.

Our new place is out in the country on acreage. The house is new and the land is wild, so we have our work cut out for us. First comes fences and soil preparation. We plan on a very large perma-culture garden. Our hope is to grow lots and lots of clean, healthy organic food that we can share with the community. We're doing lots of outdoor work and we both feel tired but good at the end of the day.

My new studio space looks out on the front of the property and is light and bright. It's a little smaller than my last space but everything fits.

I will update the "farm" progress from time to time, in between embroidery blogs.

Happy Sewing!


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