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I can't believe we are those "RV people"

This Christmas holiday, we are on the road. We always said, we'd never be those people in an RV, and yet, here we are!

His name is "Homer". He's 40 feet long and super comfortable. It's wonderful for a homebody like me since I get to take home with me. Bentley(the cat) is quite the little traveler too and spends the driving time looking out the big front windshield or sleeping on my lap. Pete does the driving. I've driven Homer, but I will admit that given the choice, I'm much happier riding.

This is only our 8th trip, but we are getting better at it. Currently we are in Texas and the deer are everywhere and we get to take long nature walks and just kick around. It's amazing.

I'm feeling inspired by the beauty around me and am thinking of doing a quilt block series based on birds and foliage.

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