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Into monograms

I've always preferred crafts that are focused on the home. Although I started sewing at six, I just never liked sewing clothes. Likely this is partly because I'm just not a clothes person. Yeah, I know it's weird, but I get really accustomed to my clothes and they are comfy and I'm always sad when I have to throw out my favorite jeans because they are just not suitable for wearing in public. You really only need so many "painting" jeans :)

So, I've always loved creating useful and beautiful items for my home.

Lately, I've become a little obsessed with monograms. I especially like single letter monograms on pillows and towels. I'm currently working on a diamond monogram alphabet based on an 18th century typeface. It has all the aspects I love. It has a great shape, great detail, and looks stunning done on a pillow.

When I consider a new monogram, I look for a contained shape that will be recognizable from a distance. I like both vintage and modern designs and take most of my inspiration from historical letter forms.

Digitizing monograms is more time consuming than doing other types of designs, but I always feel like it's worth it to create something that can be used on so many items. With more and more people with larger hoops, it opens the door for larger scale items. Making these in very large sizes without breaking the bank on stitch count is always important.

I often use a large fancy monogram as the center square for a quilt and do a monogrammed throw pillow to match.

These days we see monograms on hats, umbrellas, pillows, license plates and just about everything.

That works for me!

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