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Basic Instructions for Embroidery beginners - we all started somewhere :)

Updated: Aug 4

Once you download the files(s), you will need to unzip them.

In your windows explorer, select the file and right click. There will be an option to “extract all”. Remember where you save the extracted files.

Go to the extracted folder that you just saved and inside you will find all the formats. You can sort by format by clicking the “Type” column header. That way you can delete all but your format if desired.

PLEASE NOTE: you will not be able to open these files unless you own software specifically designed for this. Windows does not come with anything to open these.

Loading designs into your machine

You can load designs into your machine via USB directly from your computer if your machine is equipped with this option. Either plug a USB cable from your computer to your embroidery machine or save the files you want on a USB drive and take that to your machine. If you use a USB cable to your computer, your embroidery machine will appear as a “hard drive”.

You may need to transfer it via an embroidery card. There are many brands and you will need to use the software that came with it and follow the instructions provided by your

card reader/writer. Most card readers come with software that allows you to see a preview of the designs.

Basic Fonts

BX format is included for my fonts. This is a special format that maps the letters to the keyboard so that you can type instead of treating each letter as a design file.


Here is a link to the free version: Embrilliance Express.

If you do not use Embrilliance, each letter must be added to your design by selecting it from your USB stick or card. Each letter is added individually and you should be able to move each letter around on your machine interface display.

Fonts are named with the letter preceding the design name to make it easy to find the letter you want.





Designs are provided in various sizes to give you as much flexibility as possible. The size is approximate and is included as part of the file name.


Design200_2 inch

4x4 designs are actually just under 100mm to fit what is commonly called a 4x4 hoop.

This hoop is actually 100mm x 100mm or 3.9 inches.

NOTE: If you load a design that is larger than the hoop you have installed in your machine; most machines just don’t see it. If your embroidery machine screen is blank when you know you have selected a design, check your hoop and the design size.

Jumps and connections

I try to make my designs work on all machines including those without auto-trim. I generally connect parts in a sequence that will hide the thread connections and control

jump positions to minimize thread use and make it as easy as possible to trim by hand.

Applique’ designs

Applique’ designs have three parts to them. The first is a running stitch to locate the position of the applique’ fabric. The second stitches the applique’ fabric to the stabilizer and the third is the satin finishing stitch. These always have a thread color change between them to stop your machine and allow you to place the fabric and trim the fabric.

Happy Sewing!


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