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Curated Monogram Sets

I have had a longtime love affair with monograms, initials and split designs to create the perfect personalized gift or home item. I offer a large array of wreaths, frames, split letter designs and fonts. But what I realize is really missing is a selection of monogram and personalized items that are designed to go together.

I’m excited about an idea I have to create a collection of curated designs. So, I am creating a collection of curated personalized designs. These will range from monograms with borders to split frames with names to – who knows. The idea is to create these designs to go together seamlessly so there is no guesswork on finding the right font, in the right size to personalize the item.

These designs will include all the individual designs you need to create your personalized item. So, in the case of a split name design, it will include the split design and the letters for the name. I will be offering these in BX format only. This means that they must be used in Embrilliance. Embrilliance is a free program that anyone can use and it is really made for these types of designs.

I have a couple blogs on Embrilliance along with a video tutorial.

To kick this collection off, I’m sharing my first curated monogram design for free this month. It is a very modern minimalist monogram and name. I think this design is great for men’s items. We all know it can be challenging to find a design that works for men😊

The height of the large split letters is 2 inches. This design can be done as a two letter design in a 4x4 hoop but will require a 5x7 hoop for a three letter version.

I hope you enjoy this first set. I really want your feedback on the concept and the design. You can message me or leave a comment.

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